ColorFabb PLA filament variations

Experience great 3D printing comfort using the PLA 3D filament by ColorFabb. Multiple variants of PLA to suit every 3D printing use-case, available directly from stock.

ColorFabb PLA Economy filament

The PLA Economy filament has been developed for users who need a lot of PLA material for their projects. This blend of PLA has received an impact modifier for added performance. Expect added toughness so that printed parts are stronger and therefore durable. This material also scores higher in terms of adhesion in comparison to standard PLA. The PLA economy filament is perfect for creating stunning figurines and sculptures. 

About ColorFabb Light Weight PLA filament (LW-PLA)

Discover ColorFabb’s LW-PLA filament. This is a unique blend designed for creating lightweight yet strong 3D models that can undergo post-processing. Print more with less filament!

Create RC planes, costumes, and more with the LW-PLA filament by colorFabb. Parts printed with this material will be 65% lighter than standard PLA filament. Furthermore, with only one spool of this filament, you can print 3x as much as a regular PLA spool. This is the ideal material for creating extremely feather-light items that will last. What’s so great about this material is that it also brings many post-processing options. Easily cut and sand the printed parts for versatility. The LW/PLA also blends layer lines very well, providing a smooth surface finish and look.

Light Weight PLA filament with higher temperature resistance (LW-PLA-HT)

ColorFabb's LW-PLA-HT Black filament is great for printing light objects, for example for RC planes, Drones, cosplay, etc. This spool contains 750 g of 3D filament in the color Black, allowing you to create many feather light parts! Compared to LW-PLA, this filament can handle heat much better with a Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT) of 71 °C, protecting your 3D prints from heat caused by sunlight.

Semi-Matte PLA Filament

ColorFabb’s PLA semi-matte filament is the perfect material for creating 3D models with a lovely semi-matte professional finish. The semi-matte look also ensures that layer lines are blended, creating a smooth and uniform effect. 

ColorFabb's PLA specials

For the most exquisite results, check out the special PLA filament variants by ColorFabb. These lines include a stunning glitter filament and PLA with beautiful dual-color effect

Vibers PLA with Elephant Grass

The Vibers PLA has a biobased formulation with 10% Elephant grass, which captures carbon from the atmosphere very efficiently, up to four times the amount of CO2 compared to regular European woods. The soil used for production of the grass is unsuitable for cultivating other crops, thus not competing with food production. Moreover, the filament is product on recycled cardboard spools, making this a very durable production of 3D filament.

PLA/PHA filament for tougher PLA 3D prints

The PLA/PHA filament is the perfect material for investment casting and prototyping. Unlike standard PLA material, this blend is less brittle so that you can create sturdy and durable parts. Thanks to the focus on pigmentation, your printed parts will have a beautiful and vibrant finish.

Create stunning prototypes and models at an extruder temperature of 195°C-220°C. If you would like to use a heated bed, keep it between 50°C-60°C. For a cold bed, masking tape is the best adhesive choice. In case you are using a glass or aluminum print surface, colorFabb advises using a glue stick. The recommended print speed is 40-100 mm/s.

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