Buy XYZPrinting filament in SE

View our collection of 3D filament by XYZPrinting. We have selected 3D filament that pair with da Vinci 3D printers, perfect to start printing with. Print with ease at school, home, or at work with our XYZPrinting 3D filament.

About XYZPrinting

XYZPrinting manufactures and develops 3D printers, 3D software, and 3D materials. The company is centered on creating affordable and reliable 3D printing solutions for makers of all ages. This has been accomplished through their user-friendly interface specifically aimed at providing beginner makers a wonderful start with good quality entry-level plug-and-play 3D printers.

XYZPrinting is known for their da Vinci 3D printers as well as the filament that accompanies the 3D printers. With a goal of 3D printing with ease, the filament by XYZPrinting can be either attached or inserted into the da Vinci 3D printers. In case you are low on the filament, the 3D printer will notify you thanks to the handy RFID chips in the filament. Both the Junior Mini filament and Refill filament in this selection print nice 3D models with a click of a button. Make sure to view the specifications of the filament to see which da Vinci 3D printer they are compatible with.

Junior Mini filament

Discover instant 3D printing with the Junior Mini filament by XYZPrinting. The Junior Mini filament is a PLA filament that is extremely easy to print and produces good models. The PLA filament is also biodegradable and can be used for many applications. We recommend printing Junior Mini filament at an extruder temperature of 210°C. Junior Mini filament is available in the standard diameter filament size 1.75 mm in the weight of 600 grams. 

Refill filament

The Refill filament line by XYZPrinting can be found in two materials; PLA filament and ABS filament. The ABS filament is a sturdy material that prints fast and has great impact strength. We advise using 3DLAC for proper adhesion to the print bed. Refill filament prints best at the temperature 220°C in 600 grams in the filament diameter size of 1.75 mm.

Would you like to have some more information on the filament by XYZPrinting? Feel free to contact us, we are glad to be of assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use other brands of filament with my XYZ printer?

All XYZPrinting 3D printers are compatible with special filament from the XYZPrinting filament line. It is advised to use the filament XYZ filament intended for all da Vinci 3D printers such as da Vinci Junior, da Vinci Nano, and da Vinci Mini. However, with the Open Smart Tag you will be able to print with filament from other brands. With a quick XYZPrinting software and firmware update, you’ll be good to go!

How do I update the XYZ Printing firmware?

The firmware can be updated in the XYZware application. Click the “About” icon and click “Firmware Upgrade.” The “About” icon is useful as it will always display the latest update possibilities whether it is a Firmware upgrade or Software update. Use the latest version of the Software and Firmware for the best 3D printing experience.

How do I change Refill XYZ Printing filament?

Easily refill your filament by removing the stopper of the filament cartridge by rotating it anti-clockwise. Carefully open the casing and place new: filament, filament parameter chip, and a desiccant pouch. Push the loaded filament through the guide hole, close the cartridge and pull the filament through. Place the stopper back and screw it in clockwise.

What filament can I use on the da Vinci Junior?

The da Vinci Junior 3D printer is compatible with PLA, Tough PLA, PETG filament, and anti-bacterial PLA filament. All filament should have an NFC tag to print successfully. Find the compatible XYZ Printing filament for the da Vinci Junior.

What filament can I use on the da Vinci Mini?

The da Vinci Mini 3D printer is compatible with PLA, PETG, Tough PLA, anti-bacterial PLA, XYZ Carbon fiber, premium metallic PLA  filament. All filament should have an NFC tag for successful printing. Find the compatible XYZ Printing filament for the da Vinci Mini.

What filament can I use on the da Vinci Nano?

The da Vinci Nano 3D printer is compatible with PLA, tough PLA, anti-bacterial PLA, and PETG filament. The filament must have an NFC tag to print successfully. Find the compatible XYZ Printing filament for the da Vinci Nano.

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