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Explore our selection of premium guide wheels with inner bearings for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Find consistent and durable wheels that have bearings fitted for smooth guided movements!

625ZZ Shielded ball bearing (21 mm Nylon wheel)
625ZZ Shielded ball bearing
€ 2.99
In stock
625ZZ Shielded ball bearing (23 mm Nylon wheel)
€ 2.99
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V-slot wheel (2 pieces)
Original set of Creality 3D V-slot wheels
  • Pre-assembled wheels
  • Material: POM
€ 6
In stock

Guide wheels with bearings for your 3D printer

Discover RepRapWorld’s collection of wheels with bearings. A bearing is known to reduce friction to a minimum between two mechanical moving parts, ensuring that loads can be carried without affecting the machine’s performance. The wheels in this section are the ideal choice for guiding linear movement along the rails of a 3D printer. Easily install the wheel bearings in your V–slot set up to accomplish back and forth polished leveled movements within the X-axis. This will in turn correctly support your extruder head, making sure that it is well secured and therefore performing with accuracy, guiding with no bumps along the way when creating a 3D print.

The wheel bearings can be found on many Creality 3D Ender models to move the hot end carriage. They can also be installed onto the frame to support precise X or Z-axis movement.

With our wheel bearings, you can expect durability and will therefore require less replacement of parts while keeping your machine in the best shape. Furthermore, the rubber wheels have been developed to work silently, largely reducing noise thanks to their quality design.

Maintain the inner bearings within your wheels

With good maintenance comes great performance. Depending on how often you 3D print, be sure to keep your inner bearings in top condition with the proper care that they need to function well. Lubricate your 3D printer’s bearing within your wheels to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted 3D printing. If it has been a while since you have used your 3D printer, give the inner bearings a good greasing to get going right away!

Select wheels with bearings for your 3D printer

We offer pre-assembled high-quality bearings with a smooth surface finish for ultimate smooth guided movement. Discover our useful wheel bearings by well-known 3D brands like Creality 3D. Select shielded wheel bearings for additional protection and lubrication. Shielded bearings cover the balls of the bearing, preventing dirt and dust from entering. If dirt and dust were to get in between the balls, this would result in mini vibrations. Vibrations will decrease precision and this will be evident in the printing quality. Explore the wheels in this assortment manufactured with impressive materials such as Nylon or POM, a high-performance engineering material known for lowering friction and handling wear exceptionally well.

Do you have any questions about the wheels with inner bearings in our collection? Please feel free to easily reach out to us through our customer service team.

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