Volcano Plated Copper Upgrade Kit

E3D volcano plated copper upgrade kit
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Product description

E3D volcano plated copper upgrade kit.

This is the genuine E3D upgrade kit which included a Plated Copper heater block, Volcano 0.8mm plated copper nozzle, fixings, a E3D 12V 30W high precision heater cartridge and a E3D thermistor cartridge.

The Plated Copper Heater block and nozzles are developed for high temperature solutions in mind. The softeningpoint of these items is above 500°C which makes them highly suited for materials like Nylon, Polycarbonate, Peek, etc. But also regular materials like PLA and ABS are suitable for this high performance Volcano hot-end.

The nickel plating helps reduce materials from sticking to the hot-end and nozzle. Keeping things nice and clean.

Going the distance, this set is also compatible with the PT100 upgradekit from E3D allowing for even higher accuracy in temperature detection and control.


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