Temperature sensors

Thermistor 100K pre-crimped wire (1m)
Easy assembly of you extruder
€ 7.75
In stock 
Thermocouple cartridge K-type (1M)
Increase your temperature accuracy using this thermo couple
€ 12.75
In stock 
Thermistor cartridge + cable (1m)
Official E3D thermistor cartridge
€ 6.45
In stock 
104NT-4-R025H42G Semitec Thermistor 100K - NTC
High heat resistance and sensitive 100K Thermistor
€ 3.75
In stock 
Mosquito Thermistor cartridge
  • Max. temperature: 450 degrees
€ 49.95
In stock 
Fibreglass Sleeving for Insulating Thermistors (100mm)
€ 2.36
In stock 
500°C Thermistor
500°C Thermistor
Original Dyze thermistor
€ 29.95
In stock 
Thermistor incl Fibreglass Sleeving
Easy assembly of you extruder with this E3D thermistor
€ 5.99
In stock 
PT100 upgrade kit
Upgrade your printer with a PT100 sensor
€ 34.50
In stock 
PT100 sensor cartridge
Original E3D PT100 sensor cartridge
€ 16.95
In stock 
PT100 Temperature Sensor
Original Dyze PT100 Temperature Sensor
€ 28.45
In stock 
B57540G0104J Epcos Thermistor 100K - NTC
High heat resistance and sensitive 100K Thermistor
€ 3.75
In stock 
Thermistor 100K pre-crimped wire without connector (1m)
Pre-crimped thermistor without connector
€ 4.89
PT100 sensor with cartridge
PT100 sensor with cartridge
€ 11.99
PT100B Cartridge temperature sensor (1.3m)
PT100B temperature sensor with 3x15mm cartridge
  • Compatible with: E3D hotends and Ultimaker 3D printers
  • Wire length: 130cm
  • Type: PT100B
  • Temperature range: -50 to 250 C
€ 32.50
PT1000 sensor with cartridge
PT1000 sensor with 20x3mm cartridge and 1m wire.
€ 14.99
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