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Discover RepRapWorld’s large collection of stainless steel nozzles. Here, you can find stainless steel nozzles for every 3D printer with different input and output diameter sizes. Enjoy 3D printing a variety of filaments with a nozzle that will last with our collection of stainless steel nozzles!

Creator 3 v2 Stainless steel Nozzle|0.4 mm / 1.75 mm
Original spare nozzle for the FlashForge Creator 3 3D printer (v2)
  • Nozzle size: 1.75 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
€ 16.95
In stock
Stainless steel nozzle - M6
Generic M6 stainless steel nozzle
From € 14.50
12 types available
Stainless steel Spare nozzle
Original spare nozzle for the Dyze Hotend
From € 20.50
6 types available
v6 Stainless Steel Nozzle
Original Stainless Steel nozzle for the E3D v6 hotend
From € 24.89
5 types available

The stainless steel nozzle is a popular nozzle material that is often used in the 3D printing landscape. Stainless steel nozzles can 3D print a lot of filament materials, including more abrasive ones like Nylon filament. If you are planning on printing abrasive materials, upgrade your brass nozzle with a stainless steel nozzle. The stainless steel nozzle is stronger and can resist wear and abrasion better in comparison to standard brass nozzles.  Nonetheless, the stainless steel nozzle can also be found being used for medical and food-related applications. Do note that printing food-safe 3D prints requires in-depth knowledge and experience, so we advise that you do not try this at home. Food will tend to build up in the tiny ridges of 3D layers that will attract bacteria.

Select a stainless steel 3D printer nozzle

In this selection, you can surely come across various compatible stainless steel nozzles for your 3D printer. Choose the stainless steel nozzle with the hot end type that you prefer. Find different nozzle output diameter sizes spanning from 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm and select the input diameter that will complement your 3D prints best. We offer great quality RepRapWorld stainless steel nozzles and also stainless steel nozzles by major 3D brands like Dyze Design and E3D. Feel free to use the compare option found under every product for a better overview when making your decision. 

Maintain a stainless steel 3D nozzle

Keeping your stainless steel nozzle clean is crucial to maintaining 3D printing quality. Furthermore, the better you take care of your nozzle, the longer it will last. There is no need to waste any filament or have printing fails with the frequent upkeep of your nozzle. Of course, this will depend on how often you use your 3D printer and what filament materials you 3D print. We recommend cleaning your nozzle whenever you switch materials. Easily clean your stainless steel nozzle with cleaning filament. With a hot-end cleaning brush you can loosen any filament stuck in the 3D printer's nozzle.

Are you wondering which steel nozzle to buy for your 3D printer? Contact us if you have any questions!

Frequently asked questions

What 3D filament can I print with a stainless steel nozzle?

With stainless steel nozzles, you can 3D print standard filaments and more abrasive filaments. Abrasive filaments like carbon fiber are less advised as they will wear out your stainless steel nozzle pretty fast, requiring replacement before too long.

How long do stainless steel nozzles last?

Stainless steel nozzles are known to last longer than brass nozzles but will wear out more quickly than hardened steel nozzles. This will also depend on how often you 3D print abrasive filaments. Abrasive filaments will wear down a stainless steel nozzle quickly.

What are the benefits of a stainless steel nozzle?

Stainless steel nozzles have many benefits, they stay cleaner than most nozzles and have better wear resistance than brass nozzles. When 3D printing with stainless steel nozzles there is less chance of material sticking to it and contaminating the print surface. Stainless steel nozzles also have better heat conduction than hardened steel nozzles which support faster 3D printing. Stainless steel nozzles successfully print standard filament materials and can also print more abrasive ones but will start to wear after some time. They are cost-effective and can reach temperatures up to 500°C.

How do you replace a stainless steel nozzle?

How you remove your stainless steel nozzle will depend on the type of 3D printer. Generally, it is best to first heat up the extruder and then use two wrenches to hold the heat block while you unscrew the nozzle with the other wrench. The heat should loosen things up and allow you to effortlessly remove the nozzle. Carefully screw in the new stainless steel nozzle and use a tool to tighten it.

How do you clean a stainless steel nozzle?

Clean your stainless steel nozzle with a metal metal nozzle cleaner to remove any residue or build-up from within. It is also possible to use cleaning filament to avoid any clogging and clean the passageway for new 3D prints, especially when changing filament material. To clean the outside of the nozzle, use a microfiber cloth before the nozzle has fully cooled down. Please be careful as to not burn yourself.

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