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Explore RepRapWorld’s assortment of UV curing chambers with resin washing capabilities for SLA, DLP, and LCD resin 3D printers. With the curing stations here you can give your resin 3D prints the finish that they need for high levels of detail. Avoid toxins and preserve your beautiful resin 3D models with our curing solutions below!

Mercury Curing Machine
The ideal curing chamber for the efficient and equal curing of every 3D resin
  • 360° rotational platform
  • Easy and swift control
  • 2 LED strips of 405 nm
  • Smart timer function
  • Works for all resins
€ 59.50
In stock
Wash & Cure 2.0
Wash & Cure 2.0
Anycubic 3D
The efficient 2-in-1 curing station for resin 3D printer enthusiasts!
  • Washes and cures
  • For LCD, DLP, SLA
  • 360° rotating platform
  • Cover safety feature
€ 115
In stock
UV Curing chamber
UV Curing chamber
XYZ Printing
High quality UV curing chamber for he SLA post-print curing process
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Dimensions: 255 x 255 x 352 mm (DxWxH)
  • Cure volume: 180 ø x 200 mm
  • UV wavelength: 375-405 nm
  • Maximum power: 60 W
€ 379.95
In stock

Curing chamber for resin 3D models

Welcome to our UV chamber collection for the best finishing of your resin prints.  This is the place to be if you have been looking for reliable curing stations for your 3D model. Resin 3D printing is a truly remarkable technology stemming from the early ’80s and has continued to immensely develop since then. We now have different technologies that resin 3D printers use such as SLA, DLP, and LCD. All of these technologies have enabled us to produce highly detailed striking 3D models with UV-sensitive resin.

Once you have a printed resin 3D model, it is important that it goes through post-processing. With our UV curing machines, the final step has been simplified. Finishing a resin 3D model is made up of two main parts: washing and curing.

Resin curing and safety measures

Before you start the washing and curing process, we would like to highlight a number of safety measures to take as a precaution when handling resin. Uncured resin is toxic so please be sure to wear Vitril disposable gloves and perform washing and curing in a well-ventilated space. If your skin is ever in contact with uncured resin, wash your hands immediately with soap and warm water.

Washing 3D resin models

The first step is to wash your printed 3D model. This can be done in several ways. The most common way to wash a model is either an ultrasonic bath filled with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) or simply a tub with IPA cleaning alcohol. IPA is the purest form of alcohol measured at 99.9% and is extremely toxic if consumed. With a tub of cleaning alcohol, a few rinses may be necessary to remove all the stuck resin. Other alternatives for cleaning alcohol include ethanol, rubbing alcohol or surgical alcohol with a concentration of 96% and higher to effectively work. Once you have completed washing your 3D models, you can now handle the part with bare hands and continue to cut off the supports with a pair of precision pliers

Water washable resin

In case you are using UV water washable resin, simply rinse your models with tap water! The water washable resin works with both tap water and natural sunlight for curing. Read more on the specific product pages on how to easily handle water washable resin.

Curing resin 3D models

Curing your 3D model is the last important step to completing your 3D printed resin models. Only once your models have been cured will they receive their final mechanical properties and intended material qualities. There are quite some things to take into consideration when deciding how long is necessary to fully cure your resin print. The perfect curing period will depend on your curing method, whether you are using a nail lamp, natural sunlight, or 3D curing stations. If you are using a curing station, follow the manufacturer's curing instructions for the best-looking SLA 3D models. It is important that the curing machine’s wavelength matches the wavelength of the resin so that it can be cured properly. Please take into account that the curing time will vary for different curing techniques. The size and the density of a 3D model will be the largest determinant. If a model is not cured sufficiently, it will still look wet and shiny instead of having the ideal matte-finished appearance.

Over-curing resin 3D models

Be careful to not over-process your washed resin 3D model! After all your planning and 3D printing, it would be quite a shame if your resin model is over-cured. Curing your model for too long will result in a model that is brittle and cracked. Other signs include the discoloration of your 3D model, often a yellowish hue. We recommend that you always follow the manufacturer's instructions and follow their curing recommendations.

Looking for a curing device that can wash and cure? Perform efficient curing and washing with Anycubic 3D’s Wash & Cure 2.0. Find all the SLA 3D printing supplies you will ever need for a successful and efficient resin printing experience!

Do you have questions about the curing or the curing supplies in this section? Please contact us, so that we can further assist you!

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