Software Downloads

Software Downloads

This section provides a list of software required for our products. Most software is specifically adjusted for our products, so it's probably easiest to use this version. Or at least use this version as reference for a newer version of the software. To print something with your computer, you need software to design a 3D model (STL files), like Blender, openscad etc. Next step is to translate the 3D model into printer commands, this step is called slicing and provides a gcode file. Finally you can 'run' this file using host control software.


This software is required for all our printing controller hardware. You use this software to upload the firmware to the electronics board. The electronics board are provided with a firmware on board, but most likely it won't match your printer and you have to tweak it. We adjusted the software to list our electronics. Also for Minitronics some extra adjustements are done.

Version 1.6.12: Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, Windows, MacOS

Version 1.6.3: Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, Windows, MacOS

Version 1.0.4: Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, Windows

Arduino IDE User guide


This is the most populair firmware available currently. The firmware is the software running on the electronics board. It translates commands from the computer to actual movements. We provide a version with specific adjustments for Minitronics and a altered pins.h file for all electronics.

Minitronics 25/07/2016

Megatronics 25/07/2016

Ultratronics Repetier (2017-03-14)

Ultratronics 04/05/2016 (firmware configurator available here)

Ultratronics: Check out github for more up to date firmware (Repetier, Marlin and MK4Duo)

RAMPS 25/07/2016

Marlin configuration guide


Previous releases

Megatronics 05/05/2015




This piece of software translates your 3D model (STL file) into G-Codes.

Slic3r site Slc3r profile (1.75/0.5mm, PLA)



With Pronterface you can control your printer. It can 'run' a gcode file and you can do manual movements for example.

Pronterface download site

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