Filament Spool Holder Acrylic (Black)

Cool easy to assemble acrylic spool holder
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Product description

Cool easy to assemble acrylic spool holder and can be mounted onto a frame using m3 nuts and screws. Fits spools up to 9cm in width and 200mm diameter.

This is a self-assembly kit, consisting of six acrylic parts and a bag with m3 screws (four short, four long) and nuts.The spoolholder is compatible with spools of Reprap Filament, eSun and other brand with comparable sized spools. Real spools are a bit to wide, so without adjustment will not work.

Assembly is pretty straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps. First clean out the acrylic, by removing the protective sealing from both sides. The using the fout smaller screws and nuts attach the spoolbar holders to both sides, mind the reading direction of the text on the outside of the spoolholder. Otherwise the text will be mirrored.

Next step is fixing the crossbeams to the sides. Use the longer screws, and put them trough the side panels. Put a nut on the end of the screw and carefully put the beam into the sidepanel, allowing the nut to slide inside the beam. Finally tighten the screw, to fix the beam in place.

Put the bar into the bar holder and the spool-holder is ready to use!


General properties
gtin 8719345008832
Color Black
Material Acryl
Product Dimensions 120x180x160 mm
Price breaks
1 - 4: excl € 7.96 incl € 9.95
5 - 9: excl € 7.56 incl € 9.45
10 - 29: excl € 7.36 incl € 9.20
30 - : excl € 7.16 incl € 8.96
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