Modifi3d Pro - Repair and modification tool

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Product description

Multipurpose tool for modifying and repairing your 3D prints. The Modifi3D Pro is the new and improved big brother of the popular Modifi3D tool. With 30W power it enables you to make modifications faster and the many toolheads give you lot of flexibility. In less then 25 seconds the product is heated and ready to be be used.

The tool comes with a net-adapter and EU-plug to connect it to the mains.Using the LCD and buttons you can set the tool to the desired temperature (between 150 and 450ºC). While not in use you can put the tool in the included base. Thanks to the light (120g), intuitive and compact design, the tool is very easy to use.

The following tips are included:

  • Knife: Cuts away support material and small imperfections
  • Big knife: Cuts away support material
  • Needle: Clearing small holes
  • Multipurpose: General purpose tip
  • Spoon: Smoothing of surfaces and removing stringing
  • Detail: Improving of small parts
  • Ironing: Smoothing of surfaces
  • Countersunk: Creates countersunk holes
  • Insert: Heats metal pieces so the can be sunk into the 3D print

All tool heads have a special coating that avoids sticking of plastic to the surface.

  • 10 exchangeable toolheads
  • EU-plug included
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Power: 30W
  • Voltage: 24V



General properties
gtin 5060461300038
Max. temperature 450 °C
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage 24 V
Max. Power rating 30 W

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